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CompTIA A+ (Desktop) mcq questions with answer – Set 17

Important Instructions:

  • Total Number Of Questions : 10
  • Passing Marks : 7
  • Each Question Carry 1 Mark, No Negative Marking.
  • Do Not Refresh The Page.
  • This Is A FREE Online Test, DO NOT Pay Money To Anyone To Attend This Test.
  • Best Of Luck…



#1. What is the process for using or manipulating people to gain access to network resources?

#2. Which of the following might offer good hardware authentication?

#3. Which of the following tools would enable you to stop a user from logging on to a local machine but still enable him to log on to the domain?

#4. Which hardware firewall feature enables incoming traffic on a specific port to reach an IP address on the LAN?

#5. Zander downloaded a game off the Internet and installed it, but as soon as he started to play, he got a Blue Screen of Death. Upon rebooting, he discovered that his Documents folder had been erased. What happened?

#6. Which of these choices would provide better security for Mary’s Wi- Fi router?

#7. What tool would you use to enable auditing on a local level?

#8. John dressed up in a fake security guard uniform matching the ones used by a company and then walked into the company’s headquarters with some legitimate employees in an attempt to gain access to company resources. What kind of attack is this?

#9. The first day on the job, Jill received a spreadsheet that listed approved software for users and clear instructions not to allow any unapproved software. What kind of policy must she follow?

#10. Edna wants to put a policy in place at her company to prevent or at least limit viruses. What policies would offer the best solution?

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